Our engineering services include a broad range in the fields of race engineering, software  development and aerodynamics. Detailed information on these areas can be found here. 

Race Engineering

  • Vehicle dynamics simulation and race car set-up.
  • Aerodynamics consulting.
  • Vehicle stability analysis.
  • Direct support as data and racing engineer on the track.

Within the field of Data Engineering SMG offers the following services:

  • Selection of the optimum data acquisition system and the appropriate sensor technology.
  • Installation of hardware.
  • Software installation and system set up.
  • Implementation of mathematical methods.
  • Development within the field of "Driving style optimization".
  • Support in the field of video analysis.
  • Direct support on track during testing and racing events.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the following systems: 
PiResarch, Bosch, MoTec and Magnetti Marelli.

Software Development

  • Software development with help of Visual C++ and C#.
  • Interface programming (data acquisition software).
  • Development of customer-specific analysing tools.
  • Support in the field of MATLAB programming.



SMG offers comprehensive support in race car aerodynamics. The service contains both experimental aerodynamics (wind tunnel tests, straightline tests) and computational fluid simulation (CFD). This means the detailed planning of wind tunnel jobs, preparation and execution of tests and subsequent data analysis (post processing).

Furthermore, we consult within the field of CFD and regarding the planning and execution of aerodynamic test drives on track like straightline testing and coastdown measuring. 

  • Wind tunnel tests – planning, execution and analysis.
  • Track aero testing.
  • Aerodynamics set up optimization during testing and racing events.